Pacific Geospatial Services, LLC. (PacGeoS) is now a member of the Pacific GIS and Remote Sensing Council (PGRSC).

PacGeoS is a minority and woman owned small business, owned and operated in Hawaiʻi.

PacGeoS focuses on projects throughout Hawaiʻi and the Pacific with an emphasis on leveraging GIS to address thematic issues impacting Hawaiʻi. They work on sustainability, cultural and environmental preservation, zero waste, carbon neutral, food and energy independence, climate change mitigation, as well as other projects benefiting Hawaiʻi.

PacGeoS’ values are in alignment with PGRSC. They value community engagement to encourage industry best practices, and advancement via discussion and collaboration to solve global issues, while implementing local solutions. They are also a proponent of cultivating local STEAM expertise and industry. They look forward to perpetuating  shared values throughout the Pacific and beyond.

PacGeoS is a recognized partner of the  Esri Partner Network (EPN). For more information, please visit: