The Board

The Council Board makes far reaching and financial decisions for the entire council.

PGRSC Board will meet at regular intervals during the year to progress with PGRSC working arrangements and planning for the Pacific Islands GIS & RS User Conference.
The PGRSC Board must have a minimum of three members.
The PGRSC Board selects three to five Trustees.
The PGRSC Board elects the PGRSC Chair/Director.
The PGRSC Board elects the PGRSC Vice Chair/Director.
The Board confirms the Pacific Island GIS and Remote Sensing User Conference Committee Chair.

The Board elects new Board members.
The PGRSC Board confirms new PGRSC members.
Decisions of the Boards shall be made by simple majority. Voting can be cast by e-mail.
If Board members do not participate without apologies for three consecutive meetings or email votes the Board may replace these members.
The Board memberships ends either with notice of the Board member to the Board or by majority decision of the Board.

Salote Viti


Arti Pratap


Bradley Eichelberger


Wolf Forstreuter
Leba Gaunavinaka
Lanieta Roko
Keleni Raqisio
Maria Kottermair
RĂ©mi Andreoli