The Council holds a minimum of three Trustees and five Board Members, this is aside from the GIS & RS Conference Committee who execute much of the activities and decisions made.

The Trustees

There are three Trustees on the Council. They are recognized as guardians of the Council and are accountable for the organisation. These are persons familiar with the objectives of the council.
Malakai Finau

Mr. Finau is the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry Lands and Mineral Resources, Fiji. He is also the Chair of the STAR conference and Chair of FGIMC, and therefore serves as a link to both Pacific decision making bodies. Mr. Finau was the former Director of the Fiji Mineral Resources Department, an organisation that has over the years, worked closely with the GIS and RS conference and community.

Dr. Russell Howorth

Dr. Howorth has worked for many years at SOPAC (now Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division of SPC) and from 2002 to 2005 served as the Deputy Director. He was recalled at the end of his term to server as the Director in 2010 for SOPAC. Dr. Howorth is still the Director of the Circum-Pacific Council and a trustee of STAR.

Rajendra Singh

Mr. Singh comes with extensive experience in Education and Training. He served the Ministry of Education at various level up to Director of Primary Education Fiji. He has also worked with FNU and USP and served voluntary organisations at leadership level. He is an author and publisher and has contributed greatly to education and the community at large. Mr. Singh is a Commissioner for Oaths and has received a member of the Order of Fiji Award.

Arthur V. Faerua

Arthur V. Faerua is a ni-Vanuatu national and currently holds the position as Director General of the Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources in the Vanuatu Government. In 2019 and 2020, he spearheaded the process of developing and launching the first ever Vanuatu National Geospatial Data Policy 2020 – 2030. He comes from a legal background having served as a lawyer in the Vanuatu Government and also taught as a Law Lecturer at the School of Law, Emalus Campus, USP. He also is facilitating the work of the Vanuatu GIS/RS Users Group constantly.

The Board

The Council Board makes far reaching and financial decisions for the entire council. Current board members are:

The Committee

The PGRSC Committee is the most active arm of the Council, which enacts decisions and activities decided and agreed upon by the board. All committee members must be approved by the board.
The current committee members are:
  • Dr. Wolf Forstreuter, SPC
  • Leba Gaunavinaka, UNITAR
  • Dr. Nicolas Rollings, USP
  • Salote Viti, Lands Department Fiji
  • Ilaisa Seinkuraciri, Forestry Department Fiji
  • Carrol Chan, SPC
  • Ilisanaias (Koroi) Koroigasagasa, Forestry Department Fiji
  • Litia Volau Gaunavou, SPC
  • Lanieta Rokotuiwakaya, SPC
  • Keleni Raqisia, Minerals Department Fiji