In late 2018, the Pacific GIS & RS Council Board moved for companies, individuals and students interested and invovled within the Geospatial Industry within the Pacific be able to access PGRSC resources and its network. Additionally, by becoming foundational members, they are able to contribute to the development and activities PGRSC hopes to implement in order to achieve the councils objectives.
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Find the list of individuals and students as well as orgnisations that are approved memebrs for the Pacfic GIS and Remote Sensing Council at at April 2019. Please contact Salote Viti or Wolf Forstreuter for any queries.


Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

ABOUT Secretariat of the Pacifc Regional Environment Programme left SPC in Noumea in 1992 and relocated to Samoa. It achieved autonomy as an independent inter-governmental organisation with the signing of the Agreement Establishing SPREP in Apia on 16 June 1993. SPREP (The Secretariat) is the region's key inter-governmental organisation for environment and sustainable development, and is one of several inter-governmental agencies comprising the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP). The purposes of SPREP are to promote cooperation in the South Pacific Region and to provide assistance in order to protect and improve the environment and to ensure sustainable development for present and future generations. SPREP is an institutional member of PGRSC. Institute Type: Service Provider

Geoscience Australia
Geoscience Australia

ABOUT Geoscience Australia is an agency of the Australian Government. That carries out geoscientific research and is also the governments technical adviser on all aspects of geoscience. Additionally, GA is the custodian of geographic, geological data and knowledge of the nation. A number of projects are carried out across the Pacific and are supported by Geoscience Australia such as the PacSaAFE project which aims to build disaster and climate resilience within the Pacific. Institute Type:Data Provider

MNRE, Samoa
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

ABOUT The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Samoa has the vision to work together in close partnerships to pursue and achieve sustainable development. It is made up of a number of departments and also hosts a number of projects working towards the achievement of the organisations mission, vision and objectives. Institute Type: Service Provider

University of GUAM

ABOUT Through the Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center (PI-CASC) a consortium led by the University of Hawai?i at Manoa, the University of Hawai?i at Hilo, and the University of Guam to provide expertise in developing and applying climate change science to societal and ecological challenges across the region. The Pacific Islands CSC provides scientific information, tools, and techniques that natural and cultural resource managers can use to anticipate, monitor, and adapt to climate change. Integral research has been covered by the University contributing to science in the North Pacific. Institute Type: Academia

International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

ABOUT International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. ISPRS was present for the first time at the Conference in 2005. ISPRS distributes its information and bulletins through the PGRSC network. In 2018, PGRSC became the Regional Member of ISPRS for Pacific Island Countries. Institute Type: Service Provider

Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society

ABOUT The Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society serves the Society's purposes by serving the interests of the global internet community through its presence in the Pacific Islands.It focuses on local issues and developments, and as an impartial advisor to governments and the public on matters of significant interest to Pacific Island people. PICISOC first came into being in 1994 as IT-PacNET when a group of technical individuals working for SOPAC decided to set up a support organisation. Through their association with regional with regional organisations they were able to expand the organisation, and finally joined the group up with the Internet Society in 2002. The 600+ regional members of PICISOC come from 22 countries which constitute the Pacific Region (They are members of the Pacific Islands Form). The PGRSC forms the special interest group GIS and RS within PICISOC. PICISOC hosts for PGRSC the GIS-PacNet. Institute Type: Non-Profit

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

ABOUT NIWA, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, is a Crown Research Institute established in 1992. NIWA's mission is to conduct leading environmental science to enable the sustainable management of natural resources for New Zealand and the planet. Institute Type: Non-Profit

Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development)

ABOUT Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development) is an internationally recognised multidisciplinary organisation, working mainly in partnership with countries in the Mediterranean and intertropical zone. IRD is a French public research establishment operating under the joint authority of the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. It takes an original approach to research, expertise, training and knowledge-sharing for the benefit of countries and regions, making science and innovation key drivers in their development. IRD is a key French player on the international development agenda. Its work is founded on an original model: equitable scientific partnership with developing countries. Institute Type: Research Institute

MAXAR Technology

ABOUT MAXAR is a leading Space Technology and Intelligence Company. Maxar partners with innovative businesses and more than 50 governments to monitor global change, deliver broadband communications and advance space operations with capabilities in Space Infrastructure and Earth Intelligence. With more than 60 years of experience, MAXAR design and manufacture satellites and spacecraft components for communications, Earth observation, exploration and on-orbit servicing and assembly. Since humans first began exploring our solar system, MAXAR has been supporting commercial and government missions with Space Infrastructure capabilities.


ABOUT Orbica is pioneering geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI), developing unique data visualisation solutions and enabling organisations to gain near real-time visibility of their data - all through geography and the power of location data. Institute Type: Data Provider and Service Provider

Eagle Technology

ABOUT Eagle Technology has more than 45 years experience supporting New Zealand businesses with innovative technology including GIS products. Our longstanding GIS and Enterprise IT practices combine to offer a range of products and solutions that use best practice and innovative technologies together to extend and support GIS and common IT challenges. Institute Type: Software Reseller


ABOUT Since its formation in 1985, AllTerra has been dedicated to providing innovative geospatial technology through a commitment to technological evolution and development. The AllTerra brand replaced the GeoSystems brand in July 2016. AllTerra is the global dealer brand for Trimble’s geospatial portfolio and symbolises a new brand with a fresh look and feel, and a renewed focus on Trimble geospatial products and services. AllTerra serves the New Zealand and English-speaking South Pacific Islands for Trimble geospatial solutions. Institute Type: Software Reseller


ABOUT INSIGHT SAS is a commercial company established in New Caledonia offering GIS & RS services including data provision. INSIGHT has been a recognised organisation present at the annual Pacific GIS & RS User Conference. Institute Type: Data Provider and Service Provider


ABOUT Kenex provides global high level consulting in mineral exploration, renewable energy, infrastructure, agriculture and environment. Kenex specialises in project development and assist mining and exploration companies through the provision of 2D and 3D mineral predictive modelling, 3D integrated geological mapping, targeting studies and a wide range of GIS services. Other services provided include mineral permit management, land management, marine mineral predictive modelling, agricultural and environmental services and wind energy prospectivity services. Institute Type: Service Provider


ABOUT BLUECHAM is an innovative company in cognitive sciences related to Earth preservation. The world is changing, and faces new challenges in dealing with new threats, whether the consequences of global warming, environmental issues or species extinction. We design, develop and operate a new generation of decision-support systems worldwide for public authorities, mining industries, scientific bodies, organisations and companies. More information on

Type: Service Provider


ABOUT Silvaconsult AG is a Swiss consulting company which offers solutions now in the Pacific region particularly in the Forestry Sector. Institute Type: Service Provider

Kahuto Investment Pte Ltd

ABOUT The team at Kahuto are committed on delivering our mission statement -" To become the leading company in the Pacific specializing in the collection and transforming of geographical data." Our focus on developing emerging technology coupled with our commitment to deliver value for our clients enables our team to constantly find solutions for our fast growing company. We are committed to understanding our clients requirements and delivering cost effective solutions for the Pacific. Institute Type: Service Provider

Drone Services

ABOUT Drone Services is a commerical serivce provider currently operating in Fiji. Drone Services offers services in the collection of drone imagery at various grades of accuracy and price points. Additionally, the company offers pilot licence training locally. The company is a feature presenter at the Pacific GIS & RS Conference and is active in numerous forums providing sound advice for all things drone in Fiji (and the Pacific). Institute Type: Service Provider

Grundo Private Limited

ABOUT Grundo is a Swiss-Singaporean technology advisory and analytics startup providing solutions to problems related to agriculture, sustainability, and beyond. Their customized problem-solving approach uses the latest scientific research and technological possibilities that unlocks impactful new ways of doing things. Grundo has gained a reputation working with government and private sector clients globally by providing new innovative solutions that previously were not available in the marketplace. Institute Type: Service Provider