Please find below the agenda for the 2018 conference held at the USP Japan ICT Auditorium.

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Updated: 28th November, 2018 - 2PM
Time Window Title Presenters Topic
Monday 26.11.18   USP Japan ICT Auditorium
08:30-09:45 Registration (entertainment)
10:00-10:15 Conference Opening, PS Lands and Minerals Resources, Mr Malakai Finau Permenant Secretary OPENING
10:15-10:25 Welcome Address SPC, Director SPC-GEM, Dr. Andrew Jones Director SPC-GEM OPENING
10:25-10:35 Welcome Address PGRSC, PGRSC Trustee, Dr. Russell Howorth PGRSC Trustee OPENING
10:35-10:45 Conference Overview, Chair PGRSC, Dr. Wolf Forstreuter Chair PGRSC OPENING
10:45-11:15 Conference Photo - OPENING
11:15-11:45 --------------- Morning Coffee --------------- ---------------- OPENING
11:45-12:05 The Pacific GIS and Remote Sensing Council Wolf Forstreuter Organisation
12:05-12:25 EarthWatch webservices and what it means to the Pacific Andrew Steele Data
12:25-12:45 Introduction to the Copernicus Australasia Regional Hub Jonah Sullivan Data
12:45-13:05 Trimble Portfolio Update Preparing for life without Windows Mobile Warren Eade Data
13:05-14:00 --------------- Lunch--------------- ---------------- ---------------
14:00-14:20 The Need for AI to Maintain Time Dominant Analysis in the Satellite Era Peter Kinne Data
14:20-14:40 Utilisation of Satellite Image Data in Pacific Islands Countries, Journey of a Quarter Century Wolf Forstreuter Organisation
14:40-15:00 ISPRS: The Information from Imagery Society Clive Fraser Organisation
15:00-15:20 Space Solutions for the Pacific Region Luc St-Pierre Organisation
15:20-15:40 --------------- Afternoon Coffee --------------- ---------------- ---------------
15:40-16:00 Creating joint Pacific EO Data platform Rafael Kargren Organisation
16:00-16:20 A review of GIS and Remote Sensing Practises in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Samoa Lotomaulalo Levi Organisation
16:20-16:40 CommonSensing, an EO Platform for Climate Change Adaption in the Pacific Elena Lobo Organisation
16:40-17:00 The new MOU between the PGSC and Survey and Spatial New Zealand: What does it mean for the geospatial community in the South Pacific?​ Christopher Pearson Organisation
17:00-17:20 Land Cover Artifical Neural Network Application Valentin Gazeau Data
19:00-? ---------------   Cocktail at USP  (Tent) ---------------
Tuesday 27.11.18  USP Japan ICT Auditorium
0840-09:00 QBOOK Moodle: Final Stages vs Lessons Learned John Kaitu'u Data
09:00-09:20 QGIS Python Plugins and ArcGIS Python Toolboxes Jonah Sullivan Data
09:20-09:40 Using GIS to better assess the mineral and economic potential for polymetallic nodule deposits in the Cook Island EEZ Elisa Puccioni DSM
09:40-10:00 Precision Agroforestry Tree Mapping in the Marshall Islands Mark Stege Forestry
10:00-10:20 An year of Radar Image Processing at SPC Geoinformatics Hirdeshni Gautam Forestry
10:20-10:40 --------------- Morning Coffee --------------- ---------------- ---------------
10:40-11:00 Fiji Forest Change Detection as Wall to Wall Mapping 2006, 2012, 2016 Lanieta Rokotuiwakaya Forestry
11:00-11:20 FLOW: Assessing the function state of forest ecosystems for the protection of water resource in the Pacific Rémi Andreoli Forestry
11:20-11:40 Knowing better your territory for a more adapted management of its resources, using GIS & RS Jean Massenet Landuse
11:40-12:00 Improving Land Use Solutions with GIS Elisa Puccioni LandUse
12:00-12:20 Participatory mapping as land-use planning tool to inform conservation measures to improve flood mitigation in the Vaisigano River Catchment in Samoa. Michael Dyer LandUse
12:00-13:10 --------------- Lunch --------------- ---------------- ----------------
13:10-13:30 GIS in the Sugar Industry - SPC Fairtrade Isireli Buwawa Agriculture
13:30-13:50 Predicting the most suitable Mangrove Species as the Natural Coastal Defense for the Fijian Coastal Communities. Elizabeth Ravou Forestry
13:50-14:10 Mapping Landscape Diversity in the Ba Catchment: A Remote Sensing Approach using Google Earth Engine Nathan Wales LandUse
14:10-14:30 Tonga Protected Areas Lynette Sifa Environment
14:30-15:00 --------------- Afternoon Coffee --------------- --------------- ------------------
15:00-15:20 Environmental data management and GIS Julie Callebaut Environment
15:20-15:40 Understanding Pacific Geo-resources with the use of GIS-RS and providing Capacity Building Melvyn Levrel Geology
15:40-16:00 FOS4G Oceania Jonah Sullivan Data
16:00-? ---------------  Yaqona Ceremony at Tent  ---------------
Wednesday 28.11.18  USP Japan ICT Auditorium
09:00-09:20 SOSPADIS - Socio-spatial dynamics of informal settlements in the Pacific Island Countries. Application of an agent-based model for water supply in Fiji and Vanuatu Thomas Gaillard Urban
09:20-09:40 GIS and the 2018 Fijian General Elections Leo Richard

Leo Richard Williams

09:40-10:00 Application GIS to Tropical Cyclone - GITA Lynette Sifa Disaster
10:00-10:20 Earthquake hazard assessment in Viti Levu Island of Fiji Joeli Varo Disaster
10:20-11:40 Spatial Assessment of the four Water Catchments in Apia Post Tropical Cyclone Gita 2018 Ebony Taavili UAV
10:40-11:00 --------------- Morning Coffee --------------- ---------------- ----------------
11:00-11:20 Risk Tools and Data for Pacific Reslience Sachindra Singh Disaster
11:20-11:40 Partner Project Samoa Titimanu Simi Disaster
11:40-12:00 Modelling Disaster Risk in Vanuatu Johnie Tarry Nimau Disaster
12:00-12:20 The Application of Drone Mapping, Surveying and Monitoring of Sand Mining at ‘Ahononou Tongatapu Pupunu Tukuafu Coastal
12:20-12:40 GEOINT Support to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief in the Region Steve Pyatt Disaster
12:40-14:00 --------------- Lunch --------------- ---------------- ----------------
14:00-14:20 Disaster Emergency, Mind the Gap Giovanna Varra Disaster
14:20-14:40 The use of GIS in tsunami hazard assessment for New Caledonia from topographic data management to evacuation map production (TSUCAL project) Jean Roger Disaster
14:40-15:00 GIS Technologies Applied in the Search For MH370 Steven Ackerly Disaster
15:00-15:20 Routing Openstreetmap and Time Based Data Display Jonah Sullivan Data
15:20-15:40 --------------- Afternoon Coffee ------------------------------ ---------------- ----------------
15:40-16:00 Modeling Sea Level Rise Impacts on High Islands in the FSM Snyther Biza ClimateChange
16:00-16:20 Because data is outside - QField, the future of QGIS on mobile devices Marco Bernasocchi Data
16:20-16:40 s QGIS 3 already rocking your GIS? - News and Highlights from team QGIS Marco Bernasocchi Data
18:00 Guided Visit through Bars in Suva
Thursday 29.11.2018 - USP Japan ICT Auditorium
08:00-08:20 Marine and coastal part of ESA Earth observation in support of sustainable development initiative Tiit Kuster Marine
08:20-08:40 Transcending tiny island issues: streamlining spatial data collection and management in the Northern Mariana Islands. Bradley Eichelberger Marine
08:40-09:00 Satellite-based Operational Ocean Monitoring System in South Korea ChanSu Yang Marine
09:00-09:20 Protected areas in Tonga -Special Management Area (SMA), Marine Park Reserve (MPA) Lynette Sifa Marine
09:20-09:40 S-121 Maritime Limits and Boundaries - Update on development of new open data standard Jonah Sullivan Marine
09:40-10:00 Shoreline change analysis using various historical aerial photographs and UAVs Maria Kottermair Marine
10:00-10:20 Rain-derived particles and CDOM distribution along the East Coast of New Caledonia Cecile Dupouy Marine
10:20-10:40 --------------- Morning Coffee --------------- ----- ---------------
10:40-11:00 Mapping Atolls: UAV or VHR Image Data? Nick Rollings DISCUSSION
11:00-11:20 Mapping Sea Grass and  Mangrove in Melanesian Countries: Grass Root or High Tech Solutions? Jan Steffen DISCUSSION
11:20-11:40 Challenges Geospatial Cloud Computing in Pacific Island Countries Sachin Singh DISCUSSION
11:40-12:00 Why is GIS Essential for Disaster Response? Litea Biukoto DISCUSSION
Standalone Database and QGIS  (stand by) Wolf Forstreuter DISCUSSION
12:00-13:00 --------------- Lunch --------------- - ---------------
13:00-13:20 Pacific Flying Lab Amrita Lal UAV
13:20-13:40 LiDAR from manned aircraft and UAV, Practical operations discussion from hardware to applications Andy Burrell UAV
13:40-14:00 Spatial Assessment of the four Water Catchments in Apia Post Tropical Cyclone Gita 2018 Ebony Taavili UAV
14:00-14:20 UAV - Remote Sensing with Passive sensors in Fiji Richard Russell UAV
14:20-14:40 Using UAV with Lidar and advanced Sensors Craig Clouet UAV
14:40-15:05 Flexible low cost unmanned marine surveys Jack Hurley UAV
15:05-15:30 ------------ Afternoon Coffee --------- --------------
15:30-15:45 Thermal Imaging and Stomatal Conductance in Fiji Mangroves Komal Devi Forestry (STUDENT)
15:45-15:00 Surveying and mapping Sawani Village and Adi Cakabau School Digital Elevation Model and Flood Analysis using trig station and Real Time Kinematics (RTK) instrument Elizabeth Ravonu Environment (STUDENT)
16:00-16:15 Finding a  possible location for a Waste Disposal Site for Nausori, Nasinu and Suva areas by building a GIS Model and conducting  Field Survey Sunishma Singh Urban  (STUDENT)
16:15-16:30 Mapping and Analyzing TFL Connect WiFi Hotspots in the Suva Peninsula Korola Qativi Urban (STUDENT)
16:30-16:45 Village Profiling with UAV and Field Survey Semesi Ketenilagi Urban (STUDENT)
16:45-17:05 PGSC The Current Status and Activities Andrick Lal Orgarnisation
17:05-17:30 Closing Session: Reports National Focal Points, Vanuatu, AGM PGRSC
18:30 Closing Cocktail at SPC - GEM   Mead Road (former SOPAC)  
Friday 30.12.18   Different Locations
09:00-12:00 Workshops
16:00 Open Bar Talanoa Club at SPC-GEM Mead Road (former SOPAC)
Saturday 02.11.18
12:00-17:30 -----   Picnic at Sandbank Suva Reef   ----- Commander 1, Iara


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